Laughing Mama Lyrics – Stark Levity is a new famous Hindi song. Song of Laughing Mama lyrics sung by Marya Stark and Balladir. This song written also by Marya Stark. Laughing Mama song cover art by Adelaide Marcus. This song music composition by Travis Puntarelli. Song of Laughing Mama lyrics started by the line in English pronunciation is Oh laughing mama aha. This song released on the YouTube in the date of 11 January, 2022.

Laughing Mama song got an average visitor in YouTube after published. This song produced by Marya Stark. Laughing Mama song sung in the language of English. So, let’s know the song of Laughing Mama lyrics and also play the music video in below.

Laughing Mama Song Information
Song NameLaughing Mama
SingerMarya Stark and Balladir
SongwriterMarya Stark
ProducerMarya Stark
MusicTravis Puntarelli
Released DateJanuary 11, 2022

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Laughing Mama Lyrics – Stark Levity

Oh laughing mama aha
Your f**k is everywhere
You are f**ing everything
Into nothing and you don’t even care

Oh Laughing Mama Aha
Your cum the yoniverse
Your cunt is blossoming
And then consuming
All the love you disperse

Oh Laughing Mama Aha
There’s nowhere else to go
Your fuck the perfect show
Of your hearts opening nature

Oh Laughing Mama Aha
You fuck me into God
Im smithereened by your delicious love
So f**k me ma yes f**k me maaaaaa

Oh Laughing Mama Aha